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Rekon FPV Failsafe Insurance

Rekon FPV Failsafe Insurance


Rekon FPV Failsafe Insurance fee is around 8% of product retail price for 3 months coverage, around 12% of product retail price for 6 months coverage. You can get a new quad at half of the retail price if you lose it by accident.

Terms & Conditions for Rekon FPV Failsafe Insurance
1. Insurance only applies to the quads purchased at Rekonfpv.com.
2. It has to be purchased at the same time with your quad. 
3. You will receive a comparable quad but it might not be the exact same due to product updates and availability.
4. Service is limited to the original owner and complete loss or destruction of the quad during intended use.
5. Offer not valid for damage caused by a 3rd party.
6. We reserve the right to withhold the service if we believe that the crash has been caused purposefully, by gross negligence and/or did not result in loss or destruction.  
7. Video/DVR footage of the crash / loss and a brief description of the incident must be provided.
8. It is not possible to change to a different model.